Illinois Trip 2007

Illinois Trip Thumbnails
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Claire and Jerry's 2007 trip
Cyndi holds Miles and Cameron
Cameron checks out Cyndi
Miles and Cameron taste treats
Miles claps with joy!
Cameron tries out a pen
Jerry holds Miles
Guess who will be 92 tomorrow!
Grandma Nix at 91+
Grandma holds bracelet present
Grandma and Jerry at breakfast
Window ornament in Grandma's room
Grandma and Ottawa Avenue nextdoor neighbor Erica
Bridge at the Pines
Before lunch at the Pines
Brenda, Claire, Jerry, Grandma, and Michael wait for lunch
Grandma's 92nd birthday cake
Yo Hah!
Brenda and Michael watch the camera
Scene at the Pines
Jerry and Michael
Pines parrot shows off
Aunt Liz holds Quigley
Colleen Trant laughs at a joke

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