Marc and Allison
Build Their New Home!
Marc, Alli, and Ruth
on ladder
Marc and Allison are the parents of baby Ruth. Ruthie gums melon
Marc and Allison's home is in Morton, a small town near Peoria, Illinois, where Marc works. Marc and his subcontractors have been working on the home for several months. Their new home is nearing completion. Framing is done, wiring and ducts are in, and the sheet rocking has been finished.

Marc and Allison's new home
is under construction

<  Claire, Jerry, and Megan visited Morton to see how the new home was coming along. Little Ruthie had a chance to meet her relatives from the Denver area.

Grandma Ruth, from Dixon, had still not seen the new home. She would be visiting soon.  >

Megan holds Ruthie

Grandma Ruth is the grandmother of Marc and Megan, and she is Ruthie's great grandmother.

Grandma Ruth waits to see new home

May you see your children's children.   Psalms 128:6

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